6 reasons why you must do SQUATS

Have you ever noticed toddlers play? They instantly drop into perfect squats every now and then to pick up toys and can sit in a squat position for what seems like ages. Despite raising twins, this simple physical behavior made an immense impact on me only when I started doing squats.

We are all born with the flexibility and agility to our muscles optimally, but as we grow up we use this skill less and less and eventually find the once easy and normal activity, to be difficult and draining.

Women and Weight Training: Myth Vs Fact

Fitness marketers, gym trainers, and less-enlightened-self-taught fitness enthusiasts have long propagated to strengthen the notion that women are better off with cardio. It suits their body type and energy level. It is not uncommon to see men sneer at women who lift heavy. Women, over time, have found comfort in being assumed as “physically weaker”…