Am I becoming a pressure parent?

With vacations over and the school reopened with full fervor, the home has become relatively quieter and dull. The kids have got busy with schoolwork. It’s every (Indian) parents dream to see their kids busy with books (at all times!). Our pride in our kids (and on our value system) is directly proportional to the…

Are we telling our girls the right stories?

My daughter aged seven is excited every time someone gets her a new story book. Over time her enthusiasm has paled. She once grumbled “All stories are same”, and I tried to reason with her, with some momma jargon that she must inculcate the habit of reading. Of course, it didn’t work the way I expected. Obviously.…

Dealing with an angry child

As parents and teachers one of the most important lessons we can impart to our children is to help them develop respect for themselves and others, and for this, we must see children as worthy human beings and be sincere in dealing with them.

Why a child resorts to anger and/or aggression?

To respond effectively to aggression and anger issues in children it is imperative to understand the underlying reasons. The incidence of anger in a child is polymorphic and could have its root in a number of emotional condition, medical issues, family environment, and life circumstances.