10 Ways with WHEY

Cottage cheese/Paneer is a regular feature in our kitchen, and most of don’t know the many uses of the leftover whey and end up discarding it. Milk whey is a powerhouse of natural vitamins and proteins.


Home made organic coconut milk and coconut oil

I started including coconut milk and coconut oil in my diet a couple of months back. I started with Dabur Hommade brand of coconut milk but switched to homemade coconut milk (as and when I can), after I came to know of the dangerous additives and preservatives in it, that almost killed the goodness of coconut…

Product Review: Stevi0cal

I gave up sugar in my tea/coffee a year ago and I haven’t regretted it. Not having a major sweet-tooth has been an advantage. I replaced sugar with honey. However, soon I learned that honey has about 12-17 grams carbs per teaspoon, and when you are trying to restrict carb intake that really adds up…