Is Depression Real, or is it Overrated?

Depression is still a “Western illness” for most of us and has come to light only after few celebrities opened up about suffering from it. We tend to even not acknowledge depression in ourselves and others. Our unwillingness to learn more about it, know its symptoms and be sensitive to observe and spot it timely,…

15 Etiquette Rules for Every Gym-Goer

Come January and the gyms and health clubs will be flooded with seasoned gym-goers who may have been on a break and many new enthusiasts who wait for the arrival of a new year to begin their fitness journeys.  This article cannot be more aptly timed. Here are a few etiquettes to be followed at the gym. Though unwritten or unspoken, these etiquettes are no less than RULES that if broken earn you a bad reputation among your gym folks.

How Much is TOO Much?

While for most people getting themselves motivated enough to hit the gym is a real challenge, for some the struggle is to drag themselves out of the gym. Believe me when I say this. Be it injury, fatigue, personal and social commitments, bad weather, ill health (of self or close ones), nothing can stop them from hitting the gym or going for that run. Instagram hashtags like #NoExcuses #TrainfortheKill #BeastMode seem exciting, cool and enviable, right? Hold your horses, I say.

Body-Shaming: Beauty comes in all shapes and forms

Body-shaming – an issue I hold close to my heart and am vocal about. Apologetically vocal. We all encounter body-shamers in our day-to-day lives – the nosy aunt feeling you must lose some weight to become a good marriage material, or the husband passing a nasty jibe, the over friendly colleague teasing you about your…

Take a break!

I have been a regular gym goes ever since 2014. I have made friends for life at the gym. It is the one place that I never get bored of. Yet, I take breaks from exercising. Over the years I have come to realize the importance of taking breaks. Over the years I have become…